Comission Rate

30% monthly recurring commission !

Cookie Lifetime

Yuup, 365 days cookie lifetime !

Commissions are paid directly to your Paypal account upon your request, after you reach $50.
Want to become part of the TurboWare family and make money while you’re in it? Join our affiliate program and earn referral commissions by sending customers to our site. It’s simple to do and it’s free! Getting started is easy, just sign up for the affiliate program in the TurboWare Members Area.

You need to have at least one Free Trial activated for one of our products in order to be able to signup as an affiliate.

How does It work?

Through your member account you’ll be able to manage your affiliate efforts: view your stats and earnings, generate affiliate links and much more.

Whenever a visitor clicks on your affiliate link and gets to our site, a cookie is placed to trace the visit. The cookie is stored for 1 full year and if the person makes a purchase within this period you get your full 30% monthly recurring commission (yes, you get 30% every month!)

With our affiliate program, you are sure to get every penny you deserve. No matter if a person buys right after clicking your link or a year later. You will be still get credited for this sale and earn your nice commission.

How can I be paid?

As soon as you’ve signed up with our affiliate program, you can log into your affiliate account in the TurboWare Members Area.

You’ll be able to view your payment history for any given period of time.

Currently you can request the money to be sent only to your PayPal account.

When can I start earning money?

Right Now. Just login to your member account and setup your affiliate options, generate your affiliate links and start getting your first clicks and sales through every single promotion way you are good at (banners, review websites, articles, social media, email and forum signatures,  PPC, etc)

Ready to earn some money ?