How to code captcha solving (text and images)

We have added an easy way to create the script code for captcha images.
First, you will have to click on the “Select Element” button to activate the mouse pointer wizard.

The code will be created in 2 steps.

1. Click on the captcha image. A menu will pop up. Choose “Solve Captcha”→“Get Image”. The code for getting the captcha image will be automatically generated.

2. Click on the field were tha captcha answer should be inserted. A menu will pop up. Choose “Solve Captcha”→“Insert Answer”. The code for inserting the captcha answer will be automatically generated.

For Recaptcha or SolveMedia Captcha, you can use the Snippets menu to generate the code automatically.

Manual Captcha Code Creation

In case the above function fail (it may happen to certain captcha images), you can manually create the necessary code.

Click on the “Source Code” tab and search for the captcha image code.

You will need the “Tagname”, “Property to search” and the “Property value”. The code will look like this: