General settings (text and images)


Before running your first task you should first configure the application settings.

1. Captcha Solvers

Select Manual if you wish to manually solve the captcha’s or Auto if you use a capctha breaking service or software.

If you have selected the Auto Mode, you will have to configure at least one captcha service. If you will use just one service, set the “Solving Order” for it at “1”.You have the option to configure multiple captcha services and to set the solving order. If first service returns a wrong answer, it will automatically retry next service (and so on).

Example 1

  • 2captcha – Solving Order = 1
  • DBC – Solving Order = 2
  • Decaptcher – Solving Order = 3

You can also use just one service with multiple retries if first answer is wrong. Just set in “Solving Order” the number of desired retries.

Example 2

If you have an account just for DBC, but you want to retry 3 times (in case that the first answers are wrong) set “Solving Order” to “3”.

  • For Decaptcher, every account has his own port. Login to your Decaptcher account, get your assigned port and insert it in the “Port” field.
  • For the new noRecaptcha (click on “I’m not a robot” & “Click on images”) you must use 2captcha or/and DBC, else you will get manual captcha for the sites where the noRecaptcha is found.
  • “CS/CB/Other” is used for Captcha Sniper, Captcha Breaker or any other not included captcha service but which supports the Decaptcher HTTP Api. We do not recomend to use CS or CB, because they are not able to solve any of the captcha’s found in the included sites list.
  • Use the “Test” button to check the credentials/account balance.

2. Engine Settings

Here you can set the engine mode, timeout and threads number.

Engine Mode

  • Hidden – sites will run in hidden mode, nothing will be displayed.
  • Visible – sites will run in visible mode (in the integrated browser) and you will be able to see what is happening.
  • Visible + End Pause – sites will run in visible mode (in the integrated browser) along a window log when you can see the results of every code run. When a site finished running the script, you will have to click the “End” button for the windows to close.

Use the “Visible + End Pause” to debug any errors you may get while running any site. You will see in the integrated browser every step of code that the application is running. Select 1 thread to be able to focus just on 1 site.

Engine Timeout

This option controls the time (in seconds) allowed for a thread (a site) to run. If the value set is exceeded, the thread will be killed and you will get the message “Thread Timeout”. Increase the time if you are using slow proxies/slow VPN.

Global Threads

From here you control the concurrent threads (number of sites) that will run in the same time. Depending of your VPS/Computer/Network performance, you can decrease or increase the number of threads. If you start multiple tasks in the same time, the threads number will be shared globally.

For a slow performance VPS (1 core/1Gb of Ram) you should use 5 threads (but is not a rule).

3. Proxies

The proxy manager supports HTTP proxies and SOCKS/Reverse proxies. They can be imported from a .txt file or directly from clipboard.

You can test, delete and export them, if needed.

  • Do not use Free/Public proxies, as they are very unreliable and will decrease your success rate.
  • If you use Socks/Reverse proxies, the test function will not not work (because of the way they work).
  • For best results use Private proxies.

4. Ping Servers

Here you can edit (add/remove) the list of included ping servers. This list will be used to ping every new created backlink (if you had selected this option when you created your tasks).

5. Third Party Services

Before using any of the above service name, be sure to add your key for every service you want to use.

  • Kontent Machine –
  • Express Index –
  • Indexification –
  • Instant Link Indexer –

6. Debug Mode

When debug mode is selected (default), every submission errors are automatically saved and reported to our developers team. Please leave this option enabled as it really helps us quickly find and fix unknown bugs.