Troubleshooting and Problems

The most common problems and errors.

The application is encrypted to protect it from reverse engineering (from hackers), so some AV’s may false detect it as a possible malware. Make an exception in your AV for the application, it is 101% safe. All our software are certified by COMODO Code Signing.

Thread Timeout means that the site didn’t finished to load in the maximum time allowed (240 seconds). That could mean that your proxies are very slow. We do not encourage you to use free/public proxies.

Make sure you have enabled the POP3 access for your email account. By default, many email providers has this option turned off.

If you didn’t setup the spam filter, many emails will go to spam folder. You have to login to your email account and disable or create rules for the spam filter.

Yes. Any email provider that allows POP3 access and option to configure the spam filter can be used. We recommend using CPanel emails with catchall email option (with just one email address you can have unlimited email addresses to use). We do not recommend using GMail, as they have a limit for the number of emails that could be downloaded in a session.