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We develop SEO software that delivers tangible results!

We focus on what actually works! "Hype" has no place in real business.

There are no "hats" in real world SEO, only results


The History

In 2013 a group of developers and internet marketers joined together to build efficient, effective, and affordable SEO tools. Being tired of spending hundreds of dollars on unreliable or abandoned SEO tools, they decided to build their own tools.

In late 2020, Skunk.Tech, an SEO Technology firm that had already been working on a number of their own software solutions, and a customer of Turboware since 2014, noticed that the software hadn't been updated in some time. They reached out to the developer and found out that the assets of the company were for sale. The rest, as they say, is history.


We have a lot of plans for 2021 and the years ahead

Turboware Products

The existing Turboware products are being redeveloped with modern technonlgy.


We are developing TurboRanker, a software that has been promised for years and never delivered.

Full Integration

By the end of 2021, Turboware and the current Skunk.Tech products will be full integrated

APIs And Hybrid Solutions

Many of our products will incorporate both desktop and web-based technologies, like no other products before.

And We Aren't Stopping There

We plan on bringing at least six new SEO based software products to the market in 2021; most of these are already in advanced development.

Our goal is to become the number one SEO software company in the market in 2021. We are also developing kinds of software that nobody has even thought to create yet, specifically, Killer of Dreams, Negative SEO software with a point and click interface.

We have the funding, the team, and the plan. Only time will tell if we were able to pull it off or not.

Under maintenance?

Because of all the above, this website is still a bit "Under Maintenence." We will update it as things come to fruition and add links to products as they come online, either again or newly.

Support is still fully online, and as of the first of the year (2021), we will have a full support team handling tickets.

Session Splitter

Our First Product of 2021!

Session Splitter


Session Splitter is Windows-based software (currently) that is NOT a browser. Session Splitter CONTROLS browsers. 

Right now, we support Chrome and Edge, with more coming. It allows you to set up Browsing groups and then browsers, proxies, pages for projects within those groups.

The truth is, Session splitter is for ANYBODY who wants to keep their browsing habits unassociated and/or anonymous, for any reason. And they want to do it without breaking the bank.

Go To Session Splitter

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