Current Licenses

We are fully committed to those with existing licenses and have no plans to remove existing licenses from the overall product line.

We plan on several updates and upgrades to both primary products, TurboWeb 2.0 and TurboEAC, and the free products as well.

Also, existing license holders will receive many updates and new features without any added cost to them. 

You will also want to read THIS NOTE if you have a current payment subscription.

Session Splitter Has Landed

Session Splitter is a software designed for the modern-day SEO, Whitehat, Blackhat, or and anybody concerned about their online privacy.

We just launched, it's in beta, and we are still working on our videos and documentation. With all of that stated, we've made pricing VERY low for the beta, and those prices will stay for as long as you own the product.

As far as "how to" goes, you are going to find out it's just about the most straightforward software you have ever used.

Session splitter creates profiles based on browser sessions but is SUPER secure and private. 

It's NOT built into a browser like a lot of the others. It launches either Chrome or Edge browsers, as configured by you. We have gone to great lengths to make sure leaking isn't happening. And you can load extensions and plugins into individual profiles as well.

We continue to update Session Splitter weekly, based on user suggestions. There is no other product in this field that even comes close to our features combined with price.